Supply and Demand


Hot Steamy Relations
Part 1

The time has come and I’ve waited for this moment for so long.  As you watch me, my mind delivers images of you in compromising positions.  It’s as if we are under a spell, two human forms controlled by the undying passion that threatens to consume both of us.  Undressing slowly, I reveal my most prized possessions.  My breasts are like succulent melons that are ripe for your picking.  You’d walked over to me and the first touch of your hands ignites fumes deep within my soul.  We kissed.  Gently, you lay me across the bed, with tender touches and explain to my body.  I need you so bad!  Starting at the nape of my neck, you place soft wet kisses, allowing your tongue to linger for a moment.

As you work your way down my body, your movements remind me of those of an artist who would caress and shape clay into a masterpiece.  Are you feeling me?  Do you feel the heat?  If not keep on, you will.  Follow me as I change gears.  You are lying back as I climb over you, taking your long fat juicy dick in my hands, as I pour warm honey down the shaft and all over the head.  With a piece of ice in my mouth, I wrapped my lips around your honey-coated dick.  Your body turned on from the coldness of my tongue, I love the fact that I’m in control.  Slowly, I lick my way up your shaft before devouring you completely.  Sucking gently on your mushroom tip and working my way down to the base, my head bobs up and down as I deep throat your tool.  You place your hand on my head, then grip my hair, and push downward as I can go deeper. 

Seeing that you need something to do with your hands, I reposition myself, placing my hot, wet pussy on your chest.  Now we’re are lying belly to belly, and our faces aren’t meeting either.  So I suck and lick all over your pole, you’re doing the same with my hole.  Now our breathing is getting heavy so we take our time with each other, being sure not to leave any areas dry.  Boy, the things you do to me with your tongue should be outlawed in every state.  Climbing from on top, I crawled to the end of the bed, so you stand and follow me to the corner where I back this pussy up on you.  The arch that I placed in my back would put the golden arches to shame as my pussy pokes out from down, beneath, and over my clit.  My sweet nectar covers the head of your dick and you spread my firm ass cheeks apart and plunge your index finger deep inside my chocolate walls. 

All I can say is, “Ah, fuck me!  Fuck me!  Please!”  Piercing my love tunnel with your tool takes my breath away.  As the sweet pain of entry becomes pleasure, you use strokes that are long and slow, penetrating me deeper with every thrust of your pelvis.  Our bodies are harmonizing in a symphony of pure passion.  Putting my hands between my thighs, I grab onto your muscular legs, pulling you in even deeper.  My pussy poppin twins enter a vicious, sexual grind.  Seeing the rotation of my hips makes you want to see my capabilities, so you pull out and take a new position laying on your back with your hands behind your head and you’re telling me to "Mount up!” I retrieve the belt from my robe and secure your hands to the headboard.  Should I have mercy on you or should I make you squirm?  I guess you will have to stay tuned to find out!

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