The ultimate goal for Streetlife Publishers LLC is to provide the readers with the best novels on the market at a reasonable price. When we started the company we vowed to only publish novels that gave readers an inside perspective into the minds of our many talented authors. Our roster may not be as big as some of the other publishers, due to Streetlife only signing the best of the best, each author on our Streetlife’s roster is as good as it gets.


So needless to say, it is our intentions to attract new readers as well as to continue to entertain our current supporters with the page turning thrillers that leave you anticipating the next novel.


For all aspiring authors, if you’re looking for a solid team to be part of, you’re definitely looking in the right place. We are currently accepting manuscripts for review with serious consideration for those that meet our publishing standards, remember we publish nothing but the best.


Submission Guidelines:


We only accept completed novels.  Partial novels or chapter samples will be recycled and will not be reviewed. 


Your submission must clearly display your name, address, and phone number(s) and email address (if 

applicable) so we may easily contact you. 

Manuscripts must be typed and double‐spaced.  No exceptions.  Manuscripts which are not typed or 

double‐spaced will be recycled and will not be reviewed. 

We require the entire novel accompanied by a cover letter, synopsis and chapter outline.   

The cover letter should introduce the author, providing background and your passion as an author.   

Please provide a one page (short) synopsis that completely summarizes the book that reveals the 


Provide a simple chapter outline that covers what happens in the book in short bullet points, chapter by 



We cannot return any manuscripts.  Please keep a copy of your manuscript.


 We appreciate all submissions and will make every effort to review your submission in under a month, but please 

be patient if it takes a little longer. 


Our preferred method would be via e-mail or mail your completed submission to:


Street Life Publishers LLC

P.O. Box 2112

Minneapolis, MN 55402



Any questions or concerns may be directed to our email at…



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