Hello, my name is Derrick Johnson. I’m the CEO and president of Street Life publishers, as well as the author of several hood classics.

I would like to take the opportunity to allow the readers and potential readers of my books the chance to know the man behind the stories.

The best way to define my style of writing is fiction/realism , because that’s exactly what it is. Let me elaborate on this a little more. See, for so many years, I’ve read an assortment of so called ‘urban books’ and to my dissatisfaction, the majority of what I was reading was watered down. They did not truly reflect the inner workings of the urban communities. Yea, they spoke on the violence and drugs, but is that all there is to write about? I think not, how can we, as people who come from these environments, forget the mental and physical abuse that happens in the homes of many. How about the so called stepdads sexually abusing their stepdaughters. What about the black community having an all time high on teenage pregnancy, or how our teens are the most ‘violent’ ever in recorded history. It is these topics, just to name a few, that are not being written about. No, I am not saying we should glarmorize it, but the truth needs no defense because at the end of the day, it is our reality. Thus came my term fiction/realism, because, for entertainment purposes, I write fiction, but the scenarios and characters are people can identify with whether we like them or not.


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