A Real Goon's Bible


Fast Eddie sat in the parking lot of the Milwaukee Mall
waiting on the nigga Chubb to show up. The Milwaukee Mall
occupied the corners of Fond du Lac and North Avenues. Years
ago it used to be home to Sears and Roebuck before they started
going out of business nationwide.
The mall was a gigantic indoor swap meet. Sorta like the
ones that were in Los Angeles and Compton. It sold everything
from used tires to knock-off Jordan’s. Their busiest days of the
month were the first through the fifteenth. “Mother’s Day” was
what the street hustlers called the first of the month, because that
was the day when the most money came in due to welfare and
general assistance checks.
“Damn that nigga Chubb is taking a long time,” Fast
Eddie thought to himself. Chubb was from Hopkins, H-O-P is
what the younger generation renamed it. Niggas from 24th Street
and niggas from Hopkins were archrivals. A lot of blood had
been shed and a lot of lives had been taken during the ongoing
feud between the two neighborhoods that has gone on for
decades and nearly outlived its original participants. Somehow
during all the riff-raff, Fast Eddie and Chubb were able to put
their differences aside and get money together.
“There he go. It’s about time,” Fast Eddie said to himself
as Chubb rode around the parking lot. He didn’t notice Fast
Eddie’s car so he pulled over to call him. After two rings Fast
Eddie answered by saying, “What’s the business?”
“I’m up here player,” responded Chubb.
“Me too. I’m in the Taurus wagon my nig,” replied Fast
After pulling up next to the Ford Taurus wagon, Chubb
got out his ride and got in the car with Fast Eddie saying, “I aint
seen this one before.”
“You got to switch up every now and then,” said Fast
Eddie. “I had to get me a couple new ‘no lookers.’ No-lookers
was what he preferred to use to transfer his drugs from Point A
to Point B. They were your average everyday cars. No rims,
systems, or tint - exactly how they came from the factory. No
one ever paid any attention to them, especially the police.
“Dig my nig, I was wondering if I could get another bird
for a partner of mines,” Chubb asked.
“For sho! But it’ll have to be a little later ‘cause I got a
couple more stops to make,” replied Fast Eddie. He didn’t make
mention that he had three other birds on him ‘cause they were
for one of his ole’ school partners. Fast Eddie reached in the
back seat to retrieve a black backpack and handed it to Chubb
saying, “It’s all there my nig.” And as if on cue, Chubb handed
him a brown paper bag with $34,000 cash in it. Fast Eddie told
Chubb that he had a new shipment in and that he would get that
other bird to him when he was done with all his running around.
They agreed to meet later that day.
As Fast Eddie left the Milwaukee Mall he had a funny
feeling but didn’t know why. He shook it off as it being nothing;
he always felt funny after doing business with someone from the
other side of the tracks. Fast Eddie knew about their history and
he didn’t fully trust Chubb - his intuition wouldn’t allow him to.
He knew that by the code of the streets they were still enemies
and both would choose to side with their particular hood if shit
ever went sour.

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