Darius aka Eat’ Em Up was far from the average person. From the tender age of 8 he was forced to deal with vast amounts of adversity. From the violently abusive relationships his mother engaged in, ultimately causing her death, to him committing many murders of his own.

            It was his encounter with a warm hearted Italian woman who embraced him open heartedly, that derailed the destructive path he was on. She guided him to a more balanced and structured life that opened the doors to an entirely different world for him, one that very few ever encounter. A world where no means no and your loyalty and word mean everything. This world was the Mafioso, and it's this world that captivated Eat’ Em Up and molded him to their way of thinking and living.

            Knowing that a black man could never be more than an associate of the Italian mob, Eat’ Em Up set out to form his own version of the mafia he had been introduced to. By unifying the street organizations into a collective unit he formed what is now known as "The Royal Family". Quickly they learn that in order to be successful, they have to be able to uphold the number one law; "OMERTA", the oath sealed in blood. An oath that is so sacred and uncompromising the mere thought of breaking it is considered an act of betrayal. Will Eat’ Em Up be able to implant his ideologies into the hearts and minds of his peers in the urban communities or will they eat him alive?

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