Murda Squad




November 8th, 2006

First Entry,My name is Andrew Perkins and my number is 179-342. I’m incarcerated at the Mansfield Correctional Institution on Death Row.I’m twenty-two years old and waiting on my day to be put to sleep. They say I was the second youngest person at seventeen in Ohio to be put on Death Row, and I thought what an honor that was to have over my head.I’ve been on Death Row for almost a year and a half now and soon my life will be taken like a thief in the night. I wanted the world to hear mystory before I left this mighty fine world of ours. They say that there are three sides to a story. You got the truth, the lies, and then the made upshit, well I’m going to give you the truth and tell you why and how I got myself in this jam that I couldn’t get myself out of.I’ll write you back because I hear the CO coming to my door to take me to the cage to go work out. So, let me go workout and I will getback at you when I’m done.Peace,Drew Da Damager“Perkins, are you ready?”I was getting my things together and had to put my notepad up that I was writing in. I was writing a little on how me and my boys brought it to the nigga’s on the streets. My father was not talking to me anymore because of the shit I got myself into. He had so much admiration and wanted more for me, but inreturn I let him down and now I couldn’t even get a conversation out of the man that brought me into this world.“Perkins lets go or you won’t be going. He walked to the cell door that had a smaller door in the middle of it for the CO to drop to put the handcuffs on me or to hand me one of those slop trays. I turned around to let the officer cuff me, then I had to spin to the front and let him clasp a lockon the front.“Step back.”He opened the cell, I walked out to him, and now I hadto lift my feet up, so he could put cuffs around my ankles as well.This was just in case a convict wanted to run, but I never figured out where anybody was going to run. It wasn’t as if a nigga hada chance to get away or had some type of hiding place up in this bitch. Nevertheless, this was these people’s rules and I had tofollow them or get the little privileges I had taken away.The officer cuffed my other ankle, while another CO stood on the side of me slapping a black nightstick in the palmsof his hands. He was just waiting for the opportunity to RodneyKing my ass if I decided on getting fly or causing any type oftrouble. The CO’s be acting funny towards me because the natureof my crime and shit. I killed a couple of people, including anofficer of the law. I guess them being CO’s and shit, they felt like4 they were distant cousins to the men in blue. Nevertheless, it’sall good because I had to accept all that I had coming from thesewhite folks. When I was on the streets those ho ass nigga’s hadto accept the way I was bringing it to them.We began to walk down the range and I could hearsome of the older cats on Death Row hollering for me. “Hey youngster, send me some of those magazines you got in.” Someof the people I didn’t even fuck with, but it didn’t stop them from asking a playa. A mothafucka was trying to get their handson anything up in this bitch. However I did mess around withthis younger cat, who was from Columbus, also waiting on hisdate with death. He told me that he had cut the head off of his wife because he had found out that she was creeping out on himwith his best friend. Well neither one of them had to worry aboutit again because he shot and killed his best friend as well.His name is Timothy Adkins he is a white dude around hismid thirties. However, if you saw him, you would swear up anddown that he had to be in his fifties. All the stress and pressurehe was under took most of his youth and most of his hair all atone time. He was into the Lord very deeply and sometimes he would try to get me to get on that shit with him. Nevertheless,I refused because I never asked the Lord to do shit for me andI didn’t want to start now because I fucked up and was starringdeath in the eyes. Every time someone got into something real tragic they couldn’t get out of, they always wanted to call on theLord. But when shit was cool in their lives, no one ever gave a fuck about what the Lord thought. I wasn’t on it and I was goingto keep it consistent with mines.I was walking past Tim’s cell who was now standingat the window of his door and he said, “God bless you, young Drew. Did the CO send you that pamphlet I gave him for you?”I was now gliding past his cell and said, “Yeah, I got itTim. I’ll send it back to you when I get done with it.” I wasn’tgoing to read it, but I would never tell him.I walked off the range and was on my way to the cage where all the workout equipment was placed. There was nothingloose in here and everything was either mounted to the floor or the wall. Not for our protection, but for the workers andadministration, who didn’t want they heads to get split to the white meat from a blunt instrument? The type of shit I would’ve been on if opportunity presented itself.I did my workout and had to go through the wholehandcuff shit and be shackled on my way back to my cell. I hada shower in my cell and they made sure you had everything in there with you, so there wouldn’t be too much movement foryou. Some guys wouldn’t come out of their cells for shit, unlessit was time to take that long walk or their lawyers had some goodnews for them. Other than that, a condemned man just rotted away in this cell dying before they could even strap a niggadown for his injections.I couldn’t wait to get out the shower and get back towriting because writing took me out of the pain I was feelingand it gave me the chance to put down my true feelings. It was something I wasn’t able to do when I was out there in the freeworld because I was out there speed balling. Just running the streets, not taking time to sit back and think about the shit in mylife and the ones that really cared for me.I grabbed a roll up, which is a cigarette with rollingpapers and loose tobacco that you had to roll up yourself. Yeah! Something like back in the cowboy days with tumbleweeds and shit like that. But anyways, I jumped up on my bed and turnedthe lamp towards me and started my shit.

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