Get Down Or Lay Down


Quarter Man was sitting on the front porch for what seemed like hours waiting on the rest of the crew to arrive for their daily
session when from inside of the house Dig a Hole yells for him to open the back door for the guys. Security was a must when it
came to the gatherings, solely because they were the outlaws of the city and were notoriously known for laying niggas down and
taking whatever, from whomever, they wanted. At one point every member of the Bogus-D-Siples was once
part of an organized gang ranging from GD, Vice Lords, Crips, and Bloods. One particular member of the gangs stood out, one
who was different. He was extremely vicious and was always in disagreement with the laws and policies to which the gang
was suppose to adhere. Never the one to accept the violations for his actions, he became looked upon as an outcast. Feeling
as though the gangs never were originally from his city anyway, he secretly held the desire to rid the city of the outsiders, whom
he considered to be leeches that were there to rape his city of its riches and take control of the streets he was raised on.
Patiently waiting for the right time paid off for Dig a Hole. One day after one of the gang’s meetings, he saw one of the head
members take a huge bag and place it in the back of the trunk of his Mercedes. Not quite sure how the situation was going to
play out, he knew this was his opportunity to make his move, and from this point on he was all in. Thinking fast he saw one
of the shorty folks; one he knew kept a banger on him and was one of the many who were from Minneapolis who looked up to
him and called him Uncle. He involuntarily involved shorty into his plot.
Laying in the cut like a bandaide, Dig a Hole instructed Quarter Man as to the part he was soon to play in the scheme.
Patiently they waited on the chief Maurice to come back out of the building. Their wait wasn’t long.
Dig a Hole knew that Maurice wouldn’t be alarmed by Quarter Man’s presence, mainly because at seventeen he weighed a buck
twenty soaking wet with the looks of a twelve-year-old. But in his case looks were deceiving. This was a killa; a young cat with
no heart or remorse for anything or anyone. He was abandoned at the age of eleven and was adopted by the streets, learning that
success of his survival consisted of taking what you want. At  eleven he was left at home with an empty refrigerator and a nine
shot 22 automatic pistol he stole form one of his mother’s many lovers. Filled with total bitterness and the will to survive, he left
his home never to return, killing his first of many victims at the age of twelve.
Seeing the gangsta in him, Dig a Hole opened both his arms and houses to the young killer. It was an act of kindness
that earned Quarter Man’s loyalty for life to the man he now considered his only family.

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