Cut Throat Mafia

Chapter One

THE DATE WAS August 17th 2006 and the time was
11:45 pm. The night had a little chill to it because we were
posted up in front of the lake. Me and my boy Splif were sitting
back waiting for the right time to do what we needed to do. We
were sitting in my brand new 2006 Lexus IS 250 with ground
effects. I had a brand new MTX audio thunder super amp, 6000
watt max put into this baby. A nigga could hear me coming from
three city blocks away. Believe that! I had plenty of whips, but
this was my new pride and joy and I loved it. I had it sitting
on some 22 inch Havoc XL D’Vince rims lipped up with some
Pirellis. I stayed fly on the pavement because I was a fly trap star
nigga straight from the projects. That’s how me and my nigga’s
from the bricks got down.
The car had that soft leather to complement the smell
of brand new car shit. Me and Splif sat back listening to that
“Blood Money” shit by Mobb Depp sipping on some Pyrat Cask
Rum. The shit cost two-fifty a bottle and was worth every penny
of it. Splif passed the bottle to me and said, “Stomach Pain, what
the fuck you want to do with this nigga?
“Oh! I told you about all the good shit on this car, but
there is one thing wrong with it. I got a fucken body in the trunk.”
I got a nigga with half his head gone just lying up in my shit.
“We going to wait till these honkies leave off this pier
and we going to toss this nigga. He shouldn’t have played his
hand fucked up.”
Splif said, “Yo, kid you don’t have to explain shit to
me because I’m with you no matter what. We might have some
problems if someone finds out we did this nigga, Mongo.”
Yeah, he was right and all, but the damage was done and
it was time to clean up. It took about another 45 minutes for the
pier to clear out, the time was now 12:30 am and we needed
to hurry up and do this. I jumped out of the car and Splif got
out after me. We both looked around to make sure no one was
lurking in the cut. I popped the trunk and this nigga was all bent
up in my shit from the rigor mortis setting in. The nigga looked 

like he was in some type of break dancing pose. Word!

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