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Larry Brown is a native of Chicago’s west side, a beautiful city notorious for Gangsters, Drugs and Organized Crime.  Influenced by the harsh streets of the city, Larry was soon living a dangerous life that consequently impeded his freedom.  During his incarceration he decided to nurture his love for writing, allowing his experience to inspire his imagination and master his craft.  Omerta, an urban fiction novel is the first of many to come from this up and coming author.  The experiences of being in prison have allowed Larry to reflect on his life choices.  Having children of his own, he recognizes the need to provide an outlet for Chicago’s youth and deter them from the city’s streets.  Larry is passionate about contributing to the community through cultivating a non-profit organization to benefit at risk youth within the City of Chicago.


Hello, my name is Javetta Taplette, I’m a 34 year old St. Rose Louisiana native serving a 15 year sentence.

I’m the proud mother of two beautiful children, Traionne and my heavenly angel Todd who departed from this world at the tender age of two.
I took notice of my passion for writing in the 7th grade, accepting it as a form of releasing stress and pressures of everyday life. Eventually I sat my pen down and ventured off into other things, only to rediscover it again. This time I was serving time. the writing helped not only myself but others around me. It was them who encouraged me to pursue the literary game seriously.
The lord must have heard my prayers, because I was blessed to have met the CEO of Street Life publishers, Mr. Derrick Johnson and from that point on things developed rather quickly. My first book Supply and Demand, he co-authored; preparing me for my next big release which is titled “Heartless.” I know y’all are going to love it, it’s just the beginning of my career. Trust you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of me.





My name is Anthony Creach and I’m here to take real urban book readers to another level of the game. I rep Cleveland, OH to the fullest and I would love to hear from all my fans.
Thank you for the love and support.


Cooper Road author, Cool Daddy Swag, takes you on a journey through his native Shreveport, LA that pits freedom, family, and friends, against fortune and street fame.



I’m Karl (short dog) Fort, first time offender serving a life sentence in the federal correctional center.
I’m the proud father of seven beautiful children, who I am proud of and love beyond boundaries without measures. It is because of them that I have changed from my old ways of thinking. It is my intentions to show them and others that I am more than a street legend and that I’m also a son, father and brother.
Also I want to let Street Life Publishers CEO, my beloved brother Derrick Johnson know the embrace is genuine and holds the utmost respect, love and honor among the brotherhood of our struggle. You were right on time when you said; the plan is to change the game from hustling on the street to hustling writing and distributing books.
I’m a firm believer in bringing new opportunities to the urban communities. See us writers on the Street Life Publishers roster have truly lived and can bare witness to the struggle and atrocities that transpire inside of our communities. It’s our aim to tell these stories in the raw and uncut form. It’s not our intentions to glorify our past lifestyle and some current predicaments, but more to enlighten and provide a source of entertainment, we as a people can relate and understand.
Being incarcerated for the past 18 years has allowed me to rediscover my inner most creative side; I’ve since learned to utilize my talents projecting my voice from behind the pen. Most of all thanks goes to all the supporters, without yall I wouldn’t be able to do what’s best for the literary community.
The first real street life memoir of Rockford, IL Westside story of Karl “Short Dog” Fort.



Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Robert “Big Dee” Williams. I’m from the cold streets of Michigan, the city of Muskegon to be a little more specific. I’m 26 yrs. old and I write from the heart.
My goal is to write my way to the top. When you read anything I’ve written you’re guaranteed to feel my blood coursing through the pages and my heart pounding with each word you read… yeah, it’s that real. Writing is my life and my means of survival. It’s an escape from the gun play, murders and gang violence that plague not only my city, but every city across the United States and the world.
Through writing, I’ve saved my life and can give my kids a greater chance for the future by financing their college tuitions and pushing their dreams and talents further.
My goal is to bring reality to every page my pencil touches and take urban fiction to another level. My use of strong and detailed narration and my unique and diverse characters will keep you close to them, even those you know you should hate. I’m here to send urban fiction to new heights by taking trips down new roads of reality that make you ask yourself questions about life and the things around you. I just want to broaden the horizon and create plots and not just recollect or rehash scenes from my past.
Along with my books I also write short stories, poetry, music, essays and screen plays. I was told a long time ago that when you’re involved in something, to learn it inside and out.
Without books and a talent to put them in sequences that are readable I was lost. But thanks to loyal readers, fans and supporters to a growing art form and culture, I have been shown a path and given a torch to find my way. Not only to find my way, but to carry for Street Life Publishers and spread fire is exactly what I plan to do. So thank you to all of you who support all of the projects under the Street Life banner. We promise to keep you turning pages with all of the exclusive page turners and wanting more. Rest assures that there’s plenty more to come.
My upcoming projects are
Street Life
Jealously and Envy (a trilogy)
Once again, thank you for your support. You are appreciated.


Edward G Robinson Jr. was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 2 1981. He attended Thomas Kelly High School, then furthered his education by migrating to Minnesota and attending St. Paul Technical College where he studied Business Management and Literary Arts. A father to four, mentor to others, he prides himself on being the voice for so many impoverished, misguided, or just ignored youth. Currently residing in Wisconsin, He's working on other novels that, to the best of his ability, will accomplish that goal


Benjamin Adams, being born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, has spent the last 20 years making a name for himself as one of Minnesota's Elite Custom Car Fabricators, consistantly raising the bar in his field. He has now decided at the age of 40 to shift gears. Setting out to make his name known once again. This time through a new expression of himself. Applying his non-stop work ethic and his "take no prisoners" approach to setting this new goal of becoming the next Best Selling Author for Streetlife Publishers.


My name is Wakinyan Wakan (Lakota: Holy Thunder) Mcarthur. I've been writing poems and short stories, scripts and other personal writing since childhood. I find writing to be therapeutic and I strive to improve my skills every time I pick up a pen. I inspire to be the best at what I do and expect to entertain thousands. "I am also an avid reader a few of the authors that I enjoy are Robert Greene, John Sandford, TJ Tracey, Derrick Johnson and Brenda Novak. I was born into poverty and raised by a single mother. I have five brothers and sisters, and I have four children all whom I love very much. I am currently incarcerated in a federal facility and continuing to work on my latest project. 


Hello friends and readers of my work, my name is Harold Harron Jackson, and I’d like to introduce myself to you, I first and foremost am a man of integrity, morals and principals, as well as an aspiring author.

I wrote insane gangster, which is a road map of my past, present, and future life.  I never realized my ability at writing nor the passion I grew to love about it until our president of Street life publishers, Derrick J Johnson brought what was there all along out. Up until then I was merely a voracious of literature of all sorts.

Upon realizing my ability to create a story with my words, I became fascinated with the publishing side of the business.

It is my goal write until I've exhausted my creative side, and even then continue to be a guiding light for fellow authors, as well as rep the street life family, all the way to the top. Team Streetlife we in there...

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