About Streetlife Publishers LLC

Hello, my name is Derrick Johnson. I’m the founder and CEO of StreetLife Publishers LLC,

as well as the author of several hood classics.

Here at Streetlife Publishers, we take great pride in making sure we publish nothing but the best of the best, so when you purchase a novel from us it’s definitely going to entertain you. We are currently accepting manuscripts worthy of publishing so we can continue to grow our Streetlife family. Going into our final quarter of the year, it’s our goal to publish “Omerta” by Larry Brown, also “Turned Out” by Edward Robbinson, as well as the highly anticipated sequel to the National Bestseller Get Down Or Lay Down, “Lay It Down” Street Kingz now available as well. Please visit the site regularly, we will be having monthly book give aways and also prizes, check out our order page and get your copy today!


I personally would like to sincerely thank each and every person that has followed and supported not only my career, but the careers of all those affiliated with the Streetlife family, we vow to always keep it raw and gritty delivering you nothing but the best.

National Bestselling Author
Derrick Johnson

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